2013 Iron Butt Rally, Pikes Peak Bonus

One of the bonus points on the 2013 Iron Butt Rally was at the summit of Pikes Peak.
Here are some photos taken on July 6, 2013.

Photos by Randy Bishop
(Click on the thumbnails for larger images.)

1000-1030 - Waiting in line, a little route planning, early birds on their way back down, finally at the gate.

1035-1120 - On the way to the summit, with stops for photos. Some of the shots done on the roll while holding my Canon Rebel XTi SLR in my left hand and making a guess where to aim it. Done by a professional, do not attempt at home.

1130-1300 - At the summit, parked the bike, walked a little ways back down the road for photos of arriving riders (and bicyclists, Studebakers, and cog railcars), and watched the bikes while riders ran around the gift shop to get their bonus photos.

1300-1330 - On the way back down the mountain.
Bonus location: Rudy's BBQ in CoSpgs, US-24/31st, turkey sandwich, green chili stew, peach cobler, unsweet tea. No clock, no receipt, no photo.

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