GLMC Americana Tour - 2016

Glacial Lakes Motorcycle Club (GLMC) Americana Grand Tour

The Basics. See the GLMC site for all the details.
The tour this year will consist of two types of locations: General and Specific.
The rider can choose General locations while the Specific locations are chosen by the Rallymaster.
All (Specific and General) locations are worth 1 point. All locations require a photo.
A rider could ignore the Specific locations and only visit General locations, or vice versa.
General Locations
Murals - Painted art people make on the side of buildings or other structures in a town.
County Courthouse - The name of the county needs to be visible in the photo.
Veteran's Memorial - This could be a statue of a soldier, monument to a battle, or vehicles.
Race Track - Bike, dirt track, Nascar, horses, etc. The name of the track or sign of the entrance of the track needs to be in the photo.
Something Cool or Important to the Rider - This can really be just about anything, an interesting story would be great too.
Riders can collect up to five General locations in each state.
Specific Locations
Specific locations will be announced before the Grand Tour begins. Expect about 2-10 Specific locations in each state.

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CO2, Junkrassic Park, NE of La Junta,
38.099817N 103.425883W

CO4, Leadville town sign, Leadville, 39.239536N 106.304122W

CO6, Canary in a Cage, Trinidad, 37.167996N 104.506836W

CO mural, Denver

CO court house, Greeley, Weld County

CO veterans memorial, Denver, Fairmont Cemetery, Spanish-American War Memorial

CO race track, Dacono, Colorado National Speedway

CO cool, Rocky Ford, old gas station on US-50


KS3, Buffalo Bill Statue, Oakley, 39.126593N 100.868615W

KS4, Spirit of the Prairie, Colby, 39.396080N 101.043339W

KS7, Boot Hill Museum, Dodge City, 37.753445N 100.021921W

KS mural, Liberal

KS court house, Garden City, Finney County

KS veterans memorial, Pratt, B-29 All Veterans Memorial

KS race track, Dodge City, Downs

KS cool, Pratt AAF, WWII B-29 hanger

New Mexico

NM2, Route 66 Monument, Tucumcari, 35.171459N 103.742937W

NM7, Calumet Sign from Red Dawn, Las Vegas, 35.594268N 105.214727W

NM9, Palo Flechado historic marker, Angel Fire, 36.41467N 105.33677W

NM mural, Tucumcari

NM court house, Mora, Mora County

NM veterans memorial, Angel Fire, Vietnam Veterans Memorial

NM cool, Tucumcari, Blue Swallow Motel on US-66


OK2, Lucille's Route 66 Gas Station, Hydro, 35.536919N 98.588397W
OK3, Sam Walton Statue, Kingfisher,
35.827678N 97.935035W

OK mural, Kingfisher

OK court house, Enid, Garfield County

OK veterans memorial, Jet


TX1, Route 66 Midpoint, Adrian, 35.271008N 102.672945W

TX mural, Turkey

TX court house, Vernon, Wilbarger County

TX veterans memorial, Crowell, Foard County Veterans Memorial

TX cool, Turkey, cool old gas station with Bob Wills' tour bus

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