El Capitan Pass

El Capitan Pass - Arizona - 4,934 feet

On AZ-77 12 miles south of Globe.
pavement - road bike

photos by Randy Bishop, 10/4/2013

At the summit, looking south.

At the summit.

At the summit.

At the summit.

At the summit, looking north.

At the summit.

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The plaque reads:
El Capitan Pass. This pass was used by Kearny's Army of the West in a march to California in 1846. Guided by Kit Carson.
It was described in a journal of the trip as "Carson's Old Trail". The pass led around the impassable canyon on the Gila River where Coolidge Dam has now been constructed.
Arizona Development Board, Arizona Highway Department, 1964.

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2013 Randy Bishop
Last modified: November 11, 2013