Bolam Pass

Bolam Pass - Dolores / San Miguel Counties - Colorado - 11,340 feet
(other names: Barlow Creek, Hermosa, Hermosa Mountain)
Dolores River to north. Hermosa Creek to south.

Off FR-578, northwest of Purgatory Ski Area, southeast of Cayton.
off-road - dirt bike or dual sport

photos from Curtis Kohl 9/20/2005 and from Karst Postma 8/23/2013

At the pass. - CK

At the pass. - KP

At the pass. - KP

At the pass. - KP

At the pass. - KP

At the pass. - KP

KP's tracking data.

Google Maps

Google Maps

Google Earth

Google Earth. Dolores River to north, Hermosa Creek to south.

photo from Curtis Kohl, 8/24/2005

View of USGS location of Bolam Pass. - CK

Garmin Mapsource

Google earth at USGS point.

photos from Nick Greear, 9/4/2010 and from Curtis Kohl, 9/20/2005

At high point of FR-578, looking NW toward Lizard Head. - NG

1/2 mile west high point. Hermosa Peak in background. - NG

At high point of FR-578. - CK

Google earth at FR-578 high point.

photo by Clyde Edmundson, 1962

West side of Bolam Pass.

Notes from Karst: Coming off CO-145 at the Cayton campground, the first couple of miles are hard-packed road. It then changes into a rocky rough road with some hairpins and is doable on a big bike with solid intermediate skills. The nearest road to the USGS position of the Pass is 0.1 mile to the south and is marked "dead end". We believe today's pass should marked on this road at N37 43 00.0 W107 53 43.2, a point whose elevation correlates with Helmuth’s description. Attached pictures are at that location. Also attached is our track which shows we went back and forth a few times to find the most likely pass location. Since Nick Greear's picture shows Lizard Head Peak it most likely was taken near the high point of FR-578.

Notes from Curtis: Much like Kennebec Pass, Bolam Pass has two recognized summits with the "official" summit as the one you rode to on the side dead-end road off of FR-578. If you got off your bikes on that road and walked 0.1 miles north you would have been in a boggy meadow which is the original, "true" pass summit. However, most people travelling over the pass via FR-578 consider the summit to be at N37 43 18.4 W107 54 06.9 which is the highest point of the Bolam Pass Road (FR-578) but not actually the true pass summit as recognized by the USGS. The high point is where the amazing view of Lizard Head Peak and other high peaks in the area can be seen.

From United States Board on Geographic Names:
Feature Name ID Class County State Latitude Longitude Ele(ft) Map BGN Date Entry Date
Bolam Pass 187712 Gap Dolores CO 374307N 1075346W 11220 Hermosa Park - 13-OCT-1978

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