Buckhorn Pass

Buckhorn Pass - El Paso County - Colorado - 7,867 feet
Bear Creek to north. North Cheyenne Canyon to south.

In west Colorado Springs, from 26th St and US-24, follow 26th to Gold Camp Road, to High Drive
(Open to pedestrians, bicycle and equestrians only.)
38 48 02 N 104 53 59 W
Gravel, decomposed granite - dual sport

photos by John Meyer, 10/26/2016

At the south gate to High Drive.

At the south gate to High Drive.

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From John Coker, 9/17/2014 - I tried to get Buckhorn Pass in Colorado Springs this week and got to High Drive.
The sign has been updated to say Hikers, Bikes, Horses only. No motor vehicle traffic allowed.
Guess it is no longer available as a pass for the Pass Bagger program.

#132 - photos by Randy Bishop, 6/19/2009

One of two tunnels along Gold Camp Road.

At the summit.

At the summit.

At the summit looking north.

At the summit looking south.

At the summit.

photos by Randy Bishop, 4/10/2009

The gate at High Drive.

The gate at High Drive. Open May - October.

The map.

Recognized in "The Passes of Colorado, An Encylopedia of Watershed Divides" by Ed Helmuth & Gloria Helmuth.
Is not included in United States Board on Geographic Names.

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