Cottontail Pass

Cottontail Pass - Las Animas County - Colorado - 7,970 feet
Sarcillo Canyon to west. Burro Canyon to east.

Southeast of Cordova Pass on CR-41.1 , via CR-41.0 / CR-41.7 (Vigil Canyon Rd).
unpaved - dual sport

photos by Curtis Kohl, 8/2011

I was able to get to Cottontail from the west on a side road off of County Road 41.7. Road was marked with a sign and was a fairly easy road except for a couple of steep, rutted switchbacks right near the pass summit and had no gates along the way until after the pass summit. I came back out the same way I came in. I don't think it is accessible from the east/south without permission or going through a gate(s).

Intersection for turn to Cottontail from CR 41.7.

Sign at turn.

Pass summit was at this four way road intersection.

Pass summit was at this four way road intersection.

Dead end and parking area for SWA about 50 yards from pass summit.

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Google Maps

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Google Earth, looking north.

Google Earth, looking east.

Google Earth, looking west.

Google Earth, looking north.

photo by Roamin Carloski

At the summit.

From Karst Postma, Oct 2011: I tried to get to Cottontail and Wet Canyon Pass last Thursday from Trinidad. A couple of miles short of Cottontail the road more or less ends it seems, but there is a track to the right from his house. I stopped at the house and talked to the fellow who lives there. He works for the state dealing with the wild life area. Nice guy. He said the ongoing “road” is a maintenance road, normally not accessible, but he said he would let me go. Just before Cottontail there are a couple of very steep switch backs according to him. The weather did not look good, so I decided to wait for a better day and turned around. He said at the other side there is a gate with a lock, but the lock is not pushed together, so you can go through it. You can go from there to Wet Canyon as well. This guy knew all the roads very well and explained it to me, but it is a maze there, so I do not remember what he told me exactly. Coming from the south you can go over Cottontail, get to a tee intersection, turn left and loop around to Wet Canyon and continue to Cordova.

From United States Board on Geographic Names:
Feature Name ID Class County State Latitude Longitude Ele(ft) Map BGN Date Entry Date
Cottontail Pass 104519 Gap Las Animas CO 371528N 1044950W 7982 Gulnare - 13-OCT-1978

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