Hagerman Pass

Hagerman Pass - Lake / Pitkin Counties - Colorado - 11,925 feet - On the Continental Divide
(other names - Cooke, Fryingpan, Frying Pan, Saguache)
Ivanhoe Creek to west. Busk Creek to east.

FR-105 west of Leadville
rough gravel - dual sport, although I did it once on a Honda CB750K

#28 - photos by Randy Bishop, 08/06/2005

At the summit.

At the summit.

At the summit.

From United States Board on Geographic Names:
Feature Name ID Class County State Latitude Longitude Ele(ft) Map BGN Date Entry Date
Hagerman Pass 179816 Gap Pitkin CO 391554N 1062902W 11939 Homestake Reservoir - 13-OCT-1978

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2005-15 Randy Bishop
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