Milner Pass

Milner Pass - Grand/Larimer Counties - Colorado - 10,759 feet - On the Continental Divide
(other names - Bihhle-Thoson, Deer, Miner)
Colorado River to west. Cache la Poudre River to east.

US-34 in Rocky Mountain National Park
pavement - road bike

#19 - photos by Randy Bishop, 06/18/2005

At the summit.

At the summit.

Looking east at the summit.


At the summit.

From United States Board on Geographic Names:
Feature Name ID Class County State Latitude Longitude Ele(ft) Map BGN Date Entry Date
Milner Pass 177509 Gap Grand CO 402511N 1054841W 10758 Fall River Pass 01-JAN-1932 13-OCT-1978

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2005-14 Randy Bishop
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