Pawnee Pass

Pawnee Pass - Logan County - Colorado - 4,424 feet
Pawnee Creek to north. Sand Creek to south.

West of Sterling on CO-14, between mile markers 222 and 223.
paved - road bike

#130 - photos by Randy Bishop, 6/6/2009

West of the summit.

West of the summit.

At the summit looking west.

At the summit looking east.

At the summit.

Looking west toward the summit.

Memorial near Pawnee Creek.

photo by Wade

At the summit looking east.

From United States Board on Geographic Names:
Feature Name ID Class County State Latitude Longitude Ele(ft) Map BGN Date Entry Date
Pawnee Pass 182784 Gap Logan CO 403725N 1032850W 4419 Willard - 13-OCT-1978

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