Rock Creek Trail Pass

Rock Creek Trail Pass - Colorado - 10,670 feet
(other name - Lost Park Divide)
Long Gulch to west. South Fork Lost Creek to east.

County Road 56 (road to Lost Park campground) southwest of Kenosha Pass
gravel, washboard - dual sport

#86 - 6/24/2007

About 12 1/2 miles to the summit.

The handy KLR.

At the summit, looking south.

At the summit, looking north.

At the summit.

Along the way back.


On Lost Creek Road just south of US-285.

Seasonal closure, Mar 1 - Jun 15.

photos by Randy Bishop, 4/29/2007

Stopped by snow short of the summit.

Recognized in "The Passes of Colorado, An Encylopedia of Watershed Divides" by Ed Helmuth & Gloria Helmuth.
Is not included in United States Board on Geographic Names.

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