Schofield Pass

Schofield Pass - Gunnison County - Colorado - 10,707 feet
(other name - Crystal, East River, Elk Mountain Divide, Gothic)
South Fork of the Crystal River to north. East River to south.

Forest Road 317 (Gothic Road) on south, Forest Road 314 on north.
South - gravel, dirt, could be very muddy when wet - dual sport.
North, via Marble - One of the toughest in the state, didn't try that route.
North, via Slate River Road and Paradise Divide - rocky, very steep in places, a few shallow stream crossings - dual sport

#95 - photos by Randy Bishop, 7/6/2007

At the summit.

At the summit.

At the summit, looking south.

At the summit.

photo by Steve Mallinson

Steve at the summit. Probably came up Gothic Road on a dry day.

From United States Board on Geographic Names:
Feature Name ID Class County State Latitude Longitude Ele(ft) Map BGN Date Entry Date
Schofield Pass 175587 Gap Gunnison CO 390054N 1070248W 10722 Snomass Pass - 13-OCT-1978

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