Taylor Pass

Taylor Pass - Gunnison / Pitkin Counties - Colorado - 11,928 feet
Gunnison / Pitkin County
Express Creek to west. Taylor River to east.

Between Ashcroft and Taylor Park.
FR-122 (FR-15C, Express Creek Road) on the northwest side. FR-742 and FR-761 on the southeast side.
off-road - dirt bike or dual-sport
Reference: Guide to Colorado Backroads & 4-Wheel Drive Trails, by Charles A. Wells

photos by John Meyer, 9/10/2017

Part of the way on single track.

Intersection of FR-742 and FR-761.

Taylor River Road (FR-742) 5, Gunnison 53, 4WD Only

At the summit.

At the summit. FR-122 to Ashcroft in background.

Express Creek Road (FR-122) to Ashcroft 5.5 Miles

At the summit.

At the summit looking east toward Taylor Park. FR-123 to left, FR-761 to right.

At the summit looking west. FR-761 to left, FR-122 (FR-15C) ahead, FR-123 to right.

Google Maps

Google Maps

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Gunnison - Reno Divide - Spring Creek Pass - Taylor Pass - Pearl Pass- Gunnison

Google Earth, looking north from Taylor Park.

Google Earth, looking northwest, at FR-742 / FR-761 intersection.

Google Earth, looking northwest up FR-761.

Google Earth, looking southeast up Express Creek.

Google Earth, looking east along FR-122 (FR-15C).

Notes from John: As you can see (on the https://rever.co track map) we approached Taylor Pass from the south after doing Reno Divide and Spring Creek Passes.
Then we deviated from the normal Taylor Pass road, (per my brother’s request, thinking it would be easier) onto a single track trail which was, in my opinion,
tougher than the actual pass trail. That is where the photo was taken that shows the rocky incline with our helmets on the rocks indicating we had push the
heavier DR650 through that spot. Another tough spot was climbing over a 36” high fallen tree trunk that had 2-3 logs piled up on either side which enabled us
to proceed. I would recommend doing Taylor Pass from the Aspen (Ashcroft) side on FR-15C.

photo by Roamin Carloski

At the summit.

photos by Deward Knapp, 7/22/2006

Deward Knapp near the summit.

Deward Knapp near the summit.

Along the road.

Along the road.

From United States Board on Geographic Names:
Feature Name ID Class County State Latitude Longitude Ele(ft) Map BGN Date Entry Date
Taylor Pass 180305 Gap Gunnison CO 390113N 1064520W 11929 Hayden Peak - 13-OCT-1978

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