Wauconda Pass

Wauconda Pass - Okanogan County - Washington - 4,310 feet

On WA-20 between Republic and Kettle Falls, WA.
paved - road bike

photos by Randy Bishop, 8/15/2017

At the summit.

At the summit, looking west.

At the summit, looking east.

https://rever.co display

At the summit.

Google Maps

Google Maps

Google Earth, looking north.

Google Earth, looking west up WA-20.

Google Earth, nearby Wauconda Summit.

Garmin Mapsource

Is recognized by Washington state highway sign, but is not in USGS database.
From United States Board on Geographic Names:
Feature Name ID Class County State Latitude Longitude Ele(ft) Map BGN Date Entry Date
Wauconda Summit 1527857 Summit Okanogan WA 484334N 1185713W 4649 Wauconda Summit - 10-SEP-1979
Old Wauconda 1524019 Populated Place Okanogan WA 484245N 1185717W 4137 Wauconda Summit - 10-SEP-1979
Wauconda 1527856 Populated Place Okanogan WA 484333N 1190049 3576 Mount Annie - 10-SEP-1979

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2017 Randy Bishop
Last modified: October 12, 2017