Tour of Honor - 2016

Tour of Honor - Benefiting Veterans Charities - A Ride to Remember
The Tour of Honor is a great reason to hit the open road, honor our heroes, and contribute to veterans, and police and fire charities. AMA-sanctioned and Iron Butt-approved.
The event is a season-long, self-directed ride to memorials and monuments around the continental U.S., Alaska and Hawaii. Between April 1 and October 31, visit as many sites as you want, with any route you choose.
Take a photo of each site showing the veteran memorial, your motorcycle, and your rally flag.

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Riding in honor of Tec-4 Leonard Eaton who served as a medic in the 86th Mountain Infantry Regiment,
10th Mountain Division, 1942-45. He received a Bronze Star for heroic achievement in combat on
14 April 1945, near Torre Iussi, Italy. Major Eaton retired from the Army Reserves in 1968.
For information about the 10th, check the 10th Mountain Division Association site.

Camp Hale, 10th Mtn Div training camp, north of Leadville, CO

10th Mtn Div Memorial, Tennessee Pass, CO

10th Mtn Div Memorial, Vail, CO

10th Mtn Div Memorial, Breckenridge, CO

10th Mtn Div Memorial, Aspen, CO


CO1 - Ault, CO
Liberty Park
40.5821112N 104.735104W

CO2 - Greeley, CO
Weld County Veterans Memorial
40.415383N 104.736015W

CO3 - Kremmling, CO
Veterans Memorial Park
40.05883N 106.380344W

CO4 - Leadville, CO
Lake County Veterans Memorial
39.250594N 106.302767W

CO6 - Olney Springs, CO
All Vets All Wars Memorial
38.165932N 103.945146W


KS1 - Kanorado, KS
Purple Heart Trail Display
39.33N 10.91604W

KS5 - Liberal, KS
F-105G Thunderchief
Mid-America Air Museum
37.038771N 100.952848W

New Mexico

NM1 - Angel Fire, NM
Vietnam Veterans Memorial State Park
36.441615N 105.29453W


OK1 - Jet, OK
Veterans Memorial
36.66640N 98.17755W

OK5 - Frederick, OK
Tillman County Veterans War Memorial
34.39111N 99.017325W

OK6 - Altus, OK
Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Troop M Memorial Plaza
34.64593N 99.29932W

OK7 - New Cordell, OK
American Legion Flame of Freedom
35.29127N 98.990089W

Searching for the Lost Generation - WWI Doughboy Statues

Denver, CO
39.708657N 104.896455W
by John Paulding

Colorado Springs, CO
38.817826N 104.801885W
by E.M. Viquesney

Manitou Springs, CO
38.858107N 104.910655W
by John Paulding

Pueblo, CO
38.297269N 104.615155W
by John Paulding

Oakley, KS
39.12654N 100.852926W
by E.M. Viquesney

Cherokee, OK
36.755488N 98.35675W
by E.M. Viquesney

Granite, OK
34.962901N 99.381186W
Doughboy and Sailor
by E.M. Viquesney
Hobart, OK
35.0518N 99.092787W
Doughboy and Sailor
by E.M. Viquesney
Amarillo, TX
35.20342N 101.84808W
by John Paulding

Canyon, TX
34.979601N 101.928476W
by E.M. Viquesney

Crowell, TX
33.983913N 99.724792W
Doughboy and Sailor
by E.M. Viquesney

Vernon, TX
34.152973N 99.284196W
by E.M. Viquesney

Statue of Liberty Hunt - Replicas of the Statue of Liberty
Check this page for more information.

Colorado Springs, CO
38.83551N 104.82124W

NE of Cripple Creek, CO
38.78225N 105.13424W

Estes Park, CO
40.36824N 105.49795W

Greeley, CO
40.42376N 104.69288W

Johnstown, CO
40.3361N 104.91935W

La Junta, CO
37.97838N 103.54332W

Loveland, CO
40.40712N 105.08077W

Kremmling, CO
40.05917N 106.39322W

Pueblo, CO
38.27635N 104.60946W

Trindad, CO
37.1684N 104.50362W
Near Ward, CO
40.10530N 105.49158W

Colby, KS
39.40058N 101.04578W

Garden City, KS
37.96897N 100.87537W

Liberal, KS
37.04331N 100.92211W

Medicine Lodge, KS
37.28426N 98.57749W

Pratt, KS
(old)37.64574N 98.73051W
(new)37.643837N 98.731551W
Enid, OK
36.39689N 97.87866W
2nd photo by Kenneth Andrews in courthouse basement
According to the Pratt Tribune, May 14, 2016: The Statue of Liberty was moved to the front of the scout cabin at the corner
of Third Street and Rochester, where it was originally installed. It was determined the statue should be returned to its rightful
place. Moving the base for the statue turned out to be quite a task because of its weight and shape.

Flags Across America - Murals of the US Flag

Denver, CO
39.6921N 104.9873W

Sea-to-Shining Sea Tour - Madonna of the Trail

Sample from 2015, Lamar, CO
38.0892952N 102.6190464W

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2015-16 Randy Bishop
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