Tour of Honor - 2017

Tour of Honor - Benefiting Veterans Charities - A Ride to Remember
The Tour of Honor is a great reason to hit the open road, honor our heroes, and contribute to veterans, and police and fire charities. AMA-sanctioned and Iron Butt-approved.
The event is a season-long, self-directed ride to memorials and monuments around the continental U.S., Alaska and Hawaii. Between April 1 and October 31, visit as many sites as you want, with any route you choose.
Take a photo of each site showing the veteran memorial, your motorcycle, and your rally flag.

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Riding in honor of family member Corporal Jack Higgins who served in the 89th Infantry Division in France and Germany during WWII.
For information about the 89th, check the 89th Infantry Division of World War II site
and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum site.

89th Infantry Division memorial, Colorado Springs, CO
38.827342N 104.796117W
WWI Doughboy and 89th Infantry Division memorial, Pueblo, CO
38.297069N 104.615143W


AZ1 - Window Rock, AZ
Navajo KIA Memorial
35.681241N 109.048623W

AZ6 - Miami, AZ
Miami's Veterans Memorial Wall
33.398754N 110.871619W

AZ4 - Bisbee, AZ
WWII Memorial
31.435861N 109.9005W


CO1 - New Castle, CO
Capt. William H. "Pyro" DuBois, Jr. Memorial
39.564884N 107.510658W

CO2 - Elizabeth, CO
Veterans Memorial
39.361213N 104.604705W

CO3 - Cripple Creek, CO
POW/MIA Monument
38.746263N 105.179941W

CO4 - Fountain, CO
Veterans Memorial
38.6905111N 104.7051389W

CO5 - Lake City, CO
Veterans Memorial Park
38.029288N 107.315601W

CO6 - Fort Garland, CO
Veterans Park
37.425903N 105.420093W
CO7 - Walsenburg, CO
9/11 Memorial
37.624745N 104.781660W


ID1 - Bonners Ferry, ID
Firefighters Memorial
48.695588N 116.312885W

ID2 - Mullan, ID
Vietnam War Memorial - WWII Memorial
47.47035N 115.80144W
ID3 - Moscow, ID
War Memorial Doughboy Statue
46.73303N 116.99059W


MT4 - Hamilton, MT
WWI Memorial
46.244731N 114.157919W

MT5 - Butte, MT
United Veterans Memorial
45.981084N 112.523397W

MT6 - Chico, MT
B-47E Bomber Crew Memorial
45.328071N 110.725722W

MT7 - Billings, MT
9/11 Memorial
45.771815N 108.614976W


NE3 - Bridgeport, NE
Missing Veterans Memorial
41.668520N 103.099806W

NE4 - Sidney, NE
War Memorial
41.130901N 102.975493W

New Mexico

NM1 - Angel Fire, NM
Vietnam Veterans Memorial State Park
36.441615N 105.29453W

NM2 - Pecos, NM
Glorietta Pass Battlefield Memorial
35.567533N 105.746083W

NM3 - Bernalillo, NM
Veterans Memorial Wall
35.306495N 106.548270W

NM4 - Grants, NM
Veterans Memorial Wall
35.156061N 107.867747W

NM5 - Belen, NM
9/11 Memorial
34.661368N 106.776926W

NM6 - Reserve, NM
Sheriff Elfego Baca Monument
33.712890N 108.758105W

NM7 - Columbus, NM
Pancho Villa State Park
31.827642N 107.641931W


WA1 - Tonasket, WA
Armed Forces Legacy Project
48.701580N 119.442844W

WA6 - Asotin, WA
WWI Memorial Bridge
46.34026N 117.05591W


WY1 - Sheridan, WY
Veterans Bicentennial Monument
44.795331N 106.956119W

WY2 - Cody, WY
Korean War Veterans Memorial
44.513097N 109.040906W

WY3 - east of Ten Sleep, WY
Death on the Fireline
44.170154N 107.212694W

WY4 - Gillette, WY
Veterans Memorial
44.286575N 105.494989W

WY7 - Wheatland, WY
Desert Storm Memorial
42.056557N 104.953076W

Searching for the Lost Generation - WWI Doughboy Statues

Pueblo, CO
38.297269N 104.615155W
by John Paulding

Statue of Liberty Hunt - Replicas of the Statue of Liberty
Check this page for more information.

Pueblo, CO
38.27635N 104.60946W
Cheyenne, WY
41.16057N 104.83196W

Wheatland, WY
42.055512N 104.953027W

Flags Across America - Murals of the US Flag

VFW Post 2461
Denver, CO
39.6921N 104.9873W

American Legion Post 143
Post Falls, ID
47.7299N 116.9276W

VFW Post 1634
Billings, MT
45.7697N 108.5225W

VFW Post 100
Albuquerque, NM
35.12N 106.646W

VFW Post 3442
Custer, SD
43.7674N 103.5968W
4 wheels, doesn't count.

VFW Post 2673
Cody, WY
44.529N 109.0636W

Sea-to-Shining Sea Tour - Madonna of the Trail

Albuquerque, NM
35.0930134N 106.6499163W

Springerville, AZ
34.1332651N 109.2851324W

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