Tour of Honor - 2018

Tour of Honor - Benefiting Veterans Charities - A Ride to Remember
The Tour of Honor is a great reason to hit the open road, honor our heroes, and contribute to veterans, and police and fire charities. AMA-sanctioned and Iron Butt-approved.
The event is a season-long, self-directed ride to memorials and monuments around the continental U.S., Alaska and Hawaii. Between April 1 and October 31, visit as many sites as you want, with any route you choose.
Take a photo of each site showing the veteran memorial, your motorcycle, and your rally flag.

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Riding in honor of cousin Russell Fender who served in the U.S. Navy aboard the USS Barracuda (SSK-1/SST-3/SS-550).
Later he served with the Kissimmee Police Department from 1964 to 1989, rising to the rank of Captain.

For information about Cold War era Barracuda class submarines, check:
For information about submariners' groups, check:,_Inc.

Colorado Springs Memorial Park, Veterans Memorial, Colorado Springs, CO
38.827342N 104.796117W
Anchor is dedicated to the sailors and marines who honorably and faithfully serve our great nation in peace and war.
Submariner mounument is dedicated to honor all who have served in the United States Submarine Service, especially those on eternal patrol who gave their lives protecting American freedoms.
Saunders County Veterans Memorial, Wahoo, NE
41.209671N 96.622833W
In memory of the USS Wahoo SS 238 and her gallent crew who sank 20 Japanese ships before being sunk by action on October 11, 1943.
During WWII the U.S. Submarine Force suffered the highest loss rate of the U.S. Armed Forces. Of the 16,000 officers and enlisted men that served on submarines during the war 3,506 (22%) were lost. Although only 1.6% of the U.S. Navy, the Submarine Force sank 30% of the Japanese Imperial Navy and 60% of the Japanese Merchant Marine, choking off the Japanese economy. This victory came at a heavy price.


CO1 - New Castle, CO
Capt. William H. "Pyro" DuBois, Jr. Memorial
39.564884N 107.510658W

Searching for the Lost Generation - WWI Doughboy Statues

Pueblo, CO
38.297269N 104.615155W
by John Paulding

Flags Across America - Murals of the US Flag

VFW Post 2461
Denver, CO
39.6921N 104.9873W

Sea-to-Shining Sea Tour - Madonna of the Trail

Albuquerque, NM
35.0930134N 106.6499163W

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