Some of the Trips
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03/12/05, #1-#8, Crow Hill Divide, Kenosha Pass, Red Hill Pass, Trout Creek Pass, Currant Creek Pass, Wilkerson Pass, Ute Pass, Monument Hill Divide. About 280 miles.

04/23/05, #9-#13, Bigelow Divide, North La Veta Pass, Old La Veta Pass, Cucharas Pass, Raton Pass. About 530 miles.

05/21/05, #14-#16, Cameron Pass, Willow Creek Pass, Berthoud Pass. About 330 miles.

06/18/05, #17-#20, Loveland Pass, Ute Pass, Milner Pass, Fall River Pass. About 300 miles.

07/30/05, #21-#24, Squaw Pass, Juniper Pass, Rollins Pass, Guanella Pass. About 220 miles.

08/06/05, #25-#29, Boreas Pass, Hoosier Pass, Weston Pass, Hagerman Pass, Fremont Pass. About 300 miles.

09/08/05, #30-#33, Shrine Pass, Vail Pass, Tennessee Pass, Independence Pass. About 350 miles.

06/10/06, #34-#38, Muddy Pass, Rabbit Ears Pass, Douglas Pass, Unaweep Divide, Gypsum Gap, and on to Moab, Utah. About 780 miles.

06/11/06, Hurrah Pass, Geyser Pass, La Sal Pass. About 160 miles.

06/12/06, #39-#41, Coumbine Pass, Windy Point Pass, McClure Pass, and on to Denver. About 420 miles.

07/15/06, #42-#48. Poncha Pass, La Manga Pass, Cumbres Pass, Wolf Creek Pass, Spring Creek Pass, Slumgullion Pass, Yellow Jacket Pass. About 670 miles.

07/16/06, #49-#57. Coal Bank Pass, Molas Pass, Red Hill Pass, Dallas Divide, Lizard Head Pass, Jones Summit, Cerro Summit, Blue Mesa Summit, North Cochetopa Pass. About 370 miles.

07/17/06, #58-#61. Kebler Pass, Ohio Pass, Jack's Cabin Pass, Cottonwood Pass. About 240 miles.

08/11/06, #62-#66. Georgia Pass, Browns Pass, Breakneck Pass, Salt Creek Pass, Bassam Park Pass. About 130 miles.

08/12/06, #67-#72. Cumberland Pass, Waunita Pass, Black Sage Pass, Old Monarch Pass, Monarch Pass, Marshall Pass. About 170 miles.

08/13/06, #73. Stoney Pass. About 160 miles.

08/17/06, Pikes Peak, Ute Pass, Kenosha Pass, Guanella Pass, Mt Evans, Juniper Pass, Squaw Pass. About 230 miles. (Iron Butt Association National Meet ride.)

12/10/06, #74-75. Windy Saddle, Dix Saddle. About 75 miles.

04/22/07, #76-77. Golden Gate Pass, Floyd Hill.

04/28/07, #78-80. Long Saddle, Bell's Gap, Packers Gap.

5/26/07, #81-84. Dowe Pass, Park Hill Divide, Moccasin Saddle, Wind River Pass.

5/27/07, #85. La Salle Pass.

6/24/07, #86. Rock Creek Trail Pass.

7/5/07, #87-92. Cameron Mtn Pass, Carnero Pass, Moon Pass, Peon Pass, Cochetopa Pass, South Pass

7/6/07, #93-95. Los Pinos Pass, Marcellina Pass, Schoefield Pass

7/27/07, #96. Mountain Shadows Pass

7/28/07, #97-100. Iceberg Pass, Stillwater Pass, Cabin Creek Divide, Cottonwood Pass

8/11/07, #101-109. Trough Road Pass, Gore Pass, Lynx Pass, Yellow Jacket Pass, Dunkley Pass, Ripple Creek Pass, Height Divide, Grassy Gap, Twenty Mile Divide

8/11/07, #110-112. Columbine Pass, Buffalo Pass, Old Rabbit Ears Pass

7/25/08, #113-121. Tenderfoot Pass, Hoosier Pass, Victor Pass, Twin Creek Pass, Twelvemile Pass, Copper Gulch Divide, Promontory Divide, Mosca Pass, Pass Creek Pass.

9/20/08, #122-123. Fawn Creek Pass, Rifle Sight Notch.

10/4/08, #124-126. Greenhill Divide, Wixson Divide, Hardscrabble Pass.

05/17/09, #127-128. Sunshine Saddle, Culbertson Pass.

06/06/09, #129-130. Pawnee Pass, North Pawnee Pass.

06/19/09, #131. Buckhorn Pass.

08/21-23/10, Bear Tooth Pass, etc.

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