Iron Butt and LD Rider Motorcycle License Plates

Iron Butt and Long Distance (LD) license plates spotted at the IBA National Meets
in Omaha 2005, Tulsa 2008, and Denver 2006, 2010, 2012 and 2014,
at the 2005 IBR start and finish in Denver, and at various other places.

Photos by Randy Bishop, unless noted otherwise.
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Iron Butt Association

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IBA Challenges

Iron Butt Rally

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Other LD Rallies

LD Riders

Mike Samsen


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Voni Glaves David "Davo" Jones Bazz aka kwaka, FarRider #43
Rick Germain
Jim Hoffman Jerry White

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USA plates with IBA backers.
Many are very creative vanity plates,
and almost all states are included.

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Plates from Canada, Europe, and Australia,
vintage plates, and LD-related stickers.

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Veteran, law enforcement and fire fighter plates.

Iron Butt Rally, 2013, Pikes Peak Bonus.
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Iron Butt International Meet, Denver, CO. Aug 16, 2012.
Will Barclay's Harley Davidson on which he won the 2011 Hoka Hey Challenge.
His presentation detailing how he prepared his bike, equipment, supplies,
and himself for the ride was very impressive.
(Note, the aux tank was added after the Challenge.)

Iron Butt National Meet, Denver, CO. Aug 13, 2010.
Craig Vetter, Honda Helix-based Streamliner, and BMW F650 with Vetter Alcan fairing.
Inspiration for a new class at the next IBR for high fuel mileage motorcycles.
Craig Vetter's Site
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Rand, Colorado. Home of a famous IBR bonus.

Rand, Colorado Always vigilent.

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