Pass Bagger is a term for those that cross mountain passes to experience the best scenery and curvy roads. Every year since we moved to Colorado in 1984 I've kept track of mountain passes that we've bagged traveling by car, 4WD vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle, or on foot as a way to judge whether or not we really toured the mountains like we want to. In 2005 I joined the BMW Motorcycle Club of Colorado, one reason being that I wanted to earn their Pass Bagger 50 award. The process of searching for the mountain passes around the state led to the creation of this web site and the spreadsheet. I hope it helps you find some of the great places around the Colorado Rocky Mountains also.

BMW Motorcycle Club of Colorado
Pass Bagger 50, 100, 150, 200, 250

Route planning resources (books, maps, etc.).

Colorado Mountain Passes spreadsheet with 500+ passes listed.
Includes geographic coordinates (lat/lon) of each pass. Last update: January 29, 2017

Google Map showing passes Allen Creek - Golden Gate
Google Map showing passes Gore - Rabbit Ears
Google Map showing passes Railroad - Yvonne
Google Map showing "unofficial" passes Arrastra - Willow Creek
Google Map showing gaps Antelope - Windy
Maps created by Hank Mentick. Last updated 03/16/2010.

Oh no! Or, oh yeah!
(McElmo Creek Road near Cortez)

Pass photos by Randy Bishop unless otherwise noted
as having been taken by other Pass Baggers.

(Click on thumbnails to see larger images.)

Colorado Passes - Paved
(These count toward the BMWMCC Pass Bagger awards. See the spreadsheet for more.)

Battle Mountain Summit
Bell's Gap
Berthoud Pass
Bigelow Divide
Blue Hill
Blue Mesa Summit
Cameron Pass
Cerro Summit
Coal Bank Pass
Columbine Pass (Routt County)
Confar Hill
Copper Gulch Divide
Cottonwood Pass (Chaffee/Gunnison County)
Cottonwood Pass (Eagle County)
Crow Hill
Cucharas Pass
Cumbres Pass
2016 - Currant Creek Pass
2016 - Dallas Divide
Dix Saddle
Douglas Pass
Emery Gap
Fall River Pass
Floyd Hill
Fremont Pass
Gage Hill
Golden Gate Pass
Gore Pass
Grassy Gap
Greenhill Divide
Guanella Pass
Gypsum Gap
Hardscrabble Pass
Hoosier Pass (Summit/Park County)
2015 - Hoosier Pass (Teller County)
Iceberg Pass
Independence Pass
2016 - Jones Summit
Juniper Pass
2016 - Kenosha Pass
La Manga Pass
La Veta Pass
Lizard Head Pass
Long Saddle
Loveland Pass
Matheson Hill
McClure Pass
Milner Pass
Moccasin Saddle
Molas Pass
Monarch Pass
Monument Hill Divide
Mountain Shadows Pass
Muddy Pass (Grand/Jackson County)
2016 - Ninemile Hill
Nine Mile Gap
North Pass (North Cochetopa Pass)
Park Hill
Pawnee Pass
Pinkham Pass
Poncha Pass
Promontory Divide
Rabbit Ears Pass
Rabbit Ears Pass (Old)
Raton Pass
Red Hill Pass
Red Mountain Pass (Ouray / San Juan Counties)
Slumgullion Pass
Squaw Pass
Tenderfoot Pass
Tennessee Pass
Trout Creek Pass
Twelvemile Divide
Twentymile Divide
Twin Creek Pass
2016 - Unaweep Divide
2016 -Ute Pass (Grand/Summit County)
2016 - Ute Pass (Teller County)
Ute Pass (La Plata County)
Vail Pass
2016 - Victor Pass
Wilkerson Pass
Willow Creek Pass
Wind River Pass
Windy Saddle
Wixson Divide
Wolf Creek Pass
Yellow Jacket Pass (Archuleta County)
Yellow Jacket Pass (Routt County)

Colorado Passes - Not paved
(These count toward the BMWMCC Pass Bagger awards. See the spreadsheet for more.)

Antelope Pass
Antone Gap
Argentine Pass
Aztec Divide
Bassam Park Pass
Baxter Pass
Black Bear Pass
Black Sage Pass
Blizzard Pass
Blowout Pass
Bolam Pass
Boone Hill
2016 -Boreas Pass
Boulder Pass
Breakneck Pass
Browns Pass
Buffalo Pass (Jackson / Routt Counties)
Buffalo Pass (Jackson County)
Buzzard Pass
Buzzard-Muddy Divide
Cabin Creek Divide
Calamity Pass
California Pass
Cameron Mountain Pass
Carnero Pass
Carson Pass
Chillycoat Pass
Cinnamon Pass
Coberly Gap
2016 -Cochetopa Pass
Columbine Pass (Montrose County)
Cordova Pass
Corkscrew Pass
Cottontail Pass
2016 -Cottonwood Pass (Grand County)
Crooked Creek Pass
Culbertson Pass
Cumberland Pass
Daggett Pass
Deadman Hill Divide
Denver Pass
Dick Pass
Dowe Pass
Dunckley Pass
Dunham Gap
East Hightower Mountain Pass
East Lone Cone Pass
Elwood Pass
Empire Pass
Engineer Pass
Fawn Creek Pass
G Gap
Georgia Pass
Gill Creek Divide
Great Divide
Gunsight Pass (Grand County)
Gunsight Pass (Gunnison County)
Hagerman Pass
Hancock Pass
Hardscrabble Pass (Old)
Hayden Pass
Haystack Gate
Height Divide
Hesperus Pass
Horse Ranch Pass
Horseshoe Pass
Hurricane Pass
Imogene Pass
Indian Pass
Indian Camp Pass
Indian Creek Pass
Iron Mine Gap
Jack's Cabin Pass
Jack Springs Pass
Jones Pass
Kebler Pass
La Poudre Pass
La Salle Pass
La Veta Pass (Old)
Lone Cone Pass
Los Pinos Pass
Lynx Pass
Marcellina Pass
Marshall Pass
McCord Pass
2017 - Meadow Pass
Medano Pass
Milk Cow Pass
Monarch Pass (Old)
Moon Pass
Mosca Pass
Mosquito Pass
Muddy Gap
Muddy Pass (Eagle County)
2016 - Napoleon Pass
Ohio Pass
Ophir Pass
Owl Creek Pass
2017 -Packers Gap
Paradise Divide
Pass Creek Pass
Pawnee Pass (North)
Pennock Pass
Peon Pass
Prairie Divide
Ptarmigan Pass
Red Mountain Pass (Larimer County)
Reno Divide
2016 -Riflesight Notch
Ripple Creek Pass
River Hill
Rock Creek Trail Pass
Rollins Pass
Saddle Notch
Salt Creek Pass
Sams Divide
Sand Creek Pass
Sandy's Fort Pass
San Francisco Pass (Las Animas County, east)
San Francisco Pass (Las Animas County, west)
Schofield Pass
Shrine Pass
Sony Pass
South Pass (South Cochetopa Pass)
Spar Hill Pass
Spring Creek Pass
Stillwater Pass
Stoney Pass
Stony Pass
Stunner Pass
Sunnyside Saddle
Sunshine Saddle
Taylor Pass
Tincup Pass
Tomichi Pass
Trough Road Pass
Ute Pass (Saguache County)
Wagon Gap
2016 - Watson Divide
Waunita Pass
2015 - Webster Pass
Weston Pass
Wet Canyon Pass
Williams Pass
Windy Gap
Windy Point Pass
Yellow Jacket Pass (Rio Blanco County)
Yvonne Pass

Colorado Passes on Hiking Trails

Beckwith Pass
2016 - Black Powder Pass
Buckhorn Pass
Chapin Pass
Donner Pass
Forest Canyon Pass
Railroad Pass
Sangre de Cristo Pass
San Luis Pass
Santa Maria Pass
Serviceberry Gap
Seven Lakes Pass
Sharkstooth Pass
Swampy Pass
2015 - Veta Pass
Weminuche Pass
Windy Pass (Archuleta County)

Colorado Gaps
(These count toward the BMWMCC Pass Bagger awards. See the spreadsheet for more.)

Antelope Gap
Cat Creek Gap
Devils Gap
Dipper Gap
Harvey Gap
Hells Gate
Limestone Gap
Martin Gap
Mormon Gap
Rifle Gap
Templeton Gap
2017 - The Gate (Gunnison County)
The Gap (Huerfano County)
The Gunsight (Grand County)
The Narrows (Montrose County)
Windy Gap (Grand County)

Other Colorado Geographic Features
(These do not count toward the BMWMCC Pass Bagger awards.)

Mt. Evans
Pass (Moffat County, CR-57)
Pikes Peak

a gap
Cherry Creek Pass
Hog Park Pass
Leprechaun Pass
Maggie Pass
Mancos Divide
Ophir Creek Pass
2015 - Parkview Pass
Pinkham Creek Pass
Switzer's Gulch Pass
Willow Creek Pass (Routt County)

Colorado's Four Corners
(As mentioned in the March/April 2015 issue of Colorado Life Magazine.)

Northwest Corner
Southwest Corner
Southeast Corner
Northeast Corner

Arizona Passes

Bell Pass
El Capitan Pass
Gateway Saddle
Sitgreaves Pass
Wingate Pass

California Passes

Daylight Pass

Idaho Summits

Banner Summit
Border Summit
Mores Creek Summit
White Bird Hill
Willow Creek Summit

Montana Passes

Big Hole Pass
Chief Joseph Pass
Lost Trail Pass
Rogers Pass

Nevada Passes and Summits

Southern Nevada, east to west
on NV-319, US-93, NV-375 (ET Hwy), US-6 and US-95.

Panaca Summit
Oak Springs Summit
Pahroc Summit
Hancock Summit
Coyote Summit
Warm Springs Summit
Saulsbury Summit
McKinney Tanks Summit
Tonopah Summit
Goldfield Summit

Central Nevada, west to east
on US-50, part of the Lincoln Highway.

Sand Springs Pass
Drumm Summit
New Pass Summit
Mt Airy Summit
Austin Summit
Hickison Summit
Pinto Summit
Pancake Summit
Little Antelope Summit
Robinson Pass
Conners Pass
Sacramento Pass

New Mexico Passes and Divides

Bobcat Pass
Continental Divide, on US-84 west of Chama
Continental Divide, on I-40 west of Thoreau
Glorieta Pass
Palo Flechado Pass

Utah Passes, Summits, Divides, and Geographic Features

2015 - Bonneville Salt Flats
Daniels Summit
Geyser Pass
Hurrah Pass
La Sal Pass
Slick Rock Divide
Soldier Summit
Summit, US-50 near Nevada / Utah state line
Summit, US-50 near Salina
Summit, US-191 near Helper
Summit, UT-12 near Boulder
Summit, UT-12 near Bryce Canyon
Summit, UT-12 near Escalante
Summit, UT-56 near Cedar City

Wyoming Passes, Divides, and Gaps

Battle Pass
Beartooth Pass
Continental Divide - Lamont
Continental Divide - Rawlins
Continental Divide - Yellowstone - Lewis Lake
Continental Divide - Yellowstone - West Thumb
Craig Pass
Cutler Hill
Dead Indian Pass
Dunraven Pass
Granite Pass
Muddy Gap
Powder River Pass
Snowy Range Pass
South Pass
Summit, I-80 Exit 323
Sylvan Pass
Teton Pass
Togwatee Pass
Union Pass

New England Passes, Gaps, Notches, and Summits

Maine, Cadillac Mountain
Maine, Evans Notch
New Hampshire, Crawford Notch
New Hampshire, Franconia Notch
New Hampshire, Kancamagus Pass
New Hampshire, Pinkham Notch
New Hampshire, Sandwich Notch
Vermont, Appalachian Gap
Vermont, Brandon Gap
Vermont, Lincoln Gap
Vermont, Middlebury Gap

Passes in Bulgaria

2015 - Chipka Pass, Buzludzha Monument

Passes in India

Changla Pass, Khardungla Pass, Taglangla Pass

Passes in Kyrgyzstan

2016 - Kyzyl Pass, Moldo-Ashuu Pass, Taldyk Pass

Passes in Mexico

Puerto de Lobos

Passes in Romania

2015 - Prislop Pass, Transfagarasan Highway

Passes in Switzerland

2015 - Glaubenbielen Pass, Oberalp Pass, Susten Pass

Passes in Tajikistan

2016 - Ak-Baital Pass, Khargush Pass, Koytezek Pass

Other Cool Places and Things Along the Way

Some of the Pass Bagger Trips
Ride the Divide, 1994-98
15 Continental Divide passes in one 24-hour, 1000-mile day Colorado Historic Markers
Colorado Courthouses
Colorado Trains
Boy Scout Replicas of Statue of Liberty Liberty Bell Replicas
Soldierstone Southeast Asia Veterans Memorial

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Looking east from Loveland Pass.


From "The Passes of Colorado" by Ed and Gloria Helmuth: "We have chosen to define a pass as the point used to cross a ridge that divides two watersheds. "Divide" and "saddle" are other descriptive words sometimes used to identify passes. Most passes are the low point between two higher points and are shaped as a saddle; "divide" describes the water division. Some passes are named "gap", yet meet the criteria of a pass as given here. ... Any low spot in a mountain range could be considered a pass; however, we recognize in this book only those locations that have had use as a trail, railroad crossing, or roadway, and that have been or are known with a pass name. Other low spots are crossed with roads; however, if no name has ever been associated with such a locale, it is not listed in this work. Some passes are no longer used. If there had once been a use for such a crossings and a name had been given, those passes are included. Now, what a pass is not. A pass is not a gap - a gap is not a pass. A gap is cut through a rock or mountain barrier that has usually been formed by water. A gap has no watershed division associated with it; rather, the same watershed is present on both sides of the gap."

From "Hiking the Highest Passes of Colorado" by Bob Martin: "Besides the passes with official names, there are many passes in Colorado that are known by unofficial names. Such names are not shown on the United States Geological Survey topographic maps and have not been approved by the United States Board on Geographic Names. However, such unofficial names often are used in reference books and may be common in local usage. Consequently, many of the passes with unofficial names are better known than some passes with official names."

From "Mountain Passes" by Clyde and Chloe Edmundson: "...what is a pass? Passes are sometimes called divides, gaps or notches but the basic characteristic of a pass is that it divides two major watersheds." The Edmundsons use the word "recognized" in several places: "The fundamental purpose of this book is to name (list), to locate and to describe the recognized passes, gaps, and divides in Colorado." "In the above list of passes, gaps and divides, we have always included the names of official maps to show where they are located. All are recognized by present day catographers."

2005-17 Randy Bishop
Last modified: February 10, 2017